No matter what form your final project is destined for, if you are in need of assistance in the editing stage we can help.

Actors who need the strongest demo reel possible can turn to us to take their existing material and fashion it into a visual statement that reveals the very best of them and their work.

Filmmakers can turn to us for exactly the level of involvement they desire. Whether you need basic consulting or feedback on your work-in-progress, or wish to take advantage of our talents to help you achieve the final cut you desire with a more hands-on approach, we can help.

The heart of any great production, the script
too often fails to live up to the writer's core concept
and that lost potential invariably affects the final product.

At Lot 49 we offer a wide variety of services and options for screenwriters. Whether you are just starting out or have been working at your craft for some time we can provide a fresh insight into your story’s development.

Whether your project is short form or feature length we work with you to ensure your best ideas are coming through.

In addition, we are available for hire to flesh out your concept, letting you determine the exact level of creative involvement you desire, and offloading the nuts-and-bolts writing work on us.

For projects at the beginning stages of development we highly suggest consulting with us early on in the process in order to ensure your creative development time is as focused and effective as possible.

Actors receiving direction on day two of an
extended and very challenging party scene from the
set of Beverlywood: an Original Online Series.

A burgeoning art form, the webseries allows artists and craftspersons the chance to get involved in the digital revolution now.

The flexibility of the internet and its content allows for a virtually limitless set of options for content creators. At Lot 49 we can work with you to help you join in the revolution.

As always, you determine our level of involvement. We can work with you in a purely advisory capacity, or if you require more advanced support we can provide production services to allow you the chance to produce your unique vision with the aid of our dedicated and resourceful support team.

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