No matter what stage of development your script is in, at Lot 49 we'll work with you to meet your individual goals. Whether you are writing or developing a short form or feature length script, we'll first seek to understand your unique vision and then provide the level of guidance and support you prefer.

Script consulations can be arranged in an ongoing development cycle, or simply scheduled for a one-off pass on your project. In addition, you can directly control the level and focus of the consultation.

For newer screenwriters we recommend engaging our services during the creation of the treatment. Much time and effort can be saved by ensuring that your script's blueprint contains both the unique elements that only you can bring to it, as well as a dramatic form that reinforces the project's themes and meanings as powerfully as possible.

Clients who have great concepts but may lack either the specific skill set or time to develop them fully can benefit from our work-for-hire approach.

We are happy to provide the client with whatever stage of work they request - from concept clarification, to treatment, to first and subsequent drafts - all based on the client's core concept.

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