The reasons for advanced digital image processing are as varied as the clients themselves. One thing is true for all clients, though -- the strength of the final image speaks for itself.


Your face. Your talent. Your skill. Whatever your product, you need the best exposure possible. You want your product to look its best. For your customers. For your fans. For your family and friends. For your future.


Your ability is limited only by your imagination. On the web you can present multiple images to better express all that you have to offer. At Lot 49 we work with you to identify and implement your specific imaging goals. The web offers you the opportunity to present more. Let us help you make the most of your talent.


Actors can present images processed to indicate the type of roles/films they would be perfect for. Artists can suggest their individual style through the way they let the world see them or their material. Filmmakers can build excitement and buzz for their work - whether completed or still in progress.

In order to best serve our clients we process every photo individually. This way we are able to maximize strengths and overcome any weaknesses in your images.

Working with with the client, we suggested
specific backgrounds which were adjusted
to best highlight the product.


Inconsistency is a problem endemic to displaying images on the web. Images that look great on your system oftentimes fail to impress on others. And despite the emergence of faster connection rates, it is still imperative to keep file size as low as possible while offering the best image quality.


At Lot 49 we use your material to create arresting images that download quickly and look amazing to the greatest number of viewers, on the widest array of systems. We combine cutting edge hardware and software with our vision and knowledge of color and design and put them to work for you.


The end result - images with high impact that get attention and reinforce your unique "brand". At Lot 49 we constant strive to present to the world the best of you by design.