Whether you run a large company, small business or are trying to make sure that your contacts remember you -- one thing is certain: in today's age of information overload you need to stand out.


Businesses searching for the best way to combine their goals, their products, and that intangible "feel" to most effectively reach their target audience must pay careful attention to any logos and artwork representing their company.

The top players in the entertainment and arts industry recognize that they are their company's "product" and can often benefit from developing a trademark image or icon to utilize on their website and associated press and publicity material.


When developing a website, Lot 49 works with our clients to best identify and reinforce the style that our clients bring to their own network of clients, customers or potential employers.

For example, an actor whose strength is comedy can oftentimes be best served with a design style that plays up their light, bubbly and convivial essence. A site for a therapist would benefit most from reinforcing their warm, comforting, professional concern for their patients.


The importance of proper color selection (as well as hue and value) cannot be overemphasized. Through a combination of nature and training we respond to these factors on both a conscious and subconscious level.

Working with the client's original
assets we created an animated 3D
version of their logo for their launch.