At Lot 49 we work with a wide variety of clients. Whether you're looking to create your first website or have an existing site updated, we can help.

We take the time to help guide new clients through the various options available to them, while offering a variety of design and cost options.

In today's world the website has replaced the phone book as the first stop for people seeking information about your business or field of expertise. To the average customer today, if your company isn't on the web - then it doesn't exist.

A production still reworked to
reinforce the dramatic subject matter
and highlight the star for his website.

At Lot 49 we have extensive experience dealing in digital imaging. Whether your images are designed to support your online business, offer your target audience a more professional or stylized look, or simply provide you with the most vibrant and memorable lasting keepsake, we can help.

Working directly with you we'll identify the specific vision or purpose you have in mind, and tailor our approach accordingly.

Since we process each image individually there is no minimum or maximum order. And to ensure that your ideas are being executed as you envision them, we can provide proofs-of-concept throughout the process.

A clean, modern look reflects the
client's high tech field and reinforces
his focus and cutting edge approach.

Branding refers to the creation and maintenance of a pattern or series of images or "looks" that help identify something or someone to others.

No longer just the provenance of big business, the digital revolution has democratized the ability for the individual or small company to establish a style that sets it apart from its competitors and ensures that it remains memorable.

Call us at Lot 49 to learn whether your business or field of pursuit can benefit from a cohesive, "branded" approach to its design and look.

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